Foundation Activities


Significant activities of the Foundation include:

•  Funding the digital reproduction and indexing of the Smith & Wesson factory records stored at CVHM

•  Working with CVHM to ensure a continuous flow of “factory letters” and other access to research information

•  Purchasing historically significant Smith & Wesson materials for preservation at CVHM

•  Funding specific research, publication, preservation or display projects

•  Issuing “Foundation Letters” to enhance the provenance of Smith & Wesson firearms. Inquire at or visit our web site at

Digital reproduction and indexing work has been contracted to AMS Imaging of Rhode Island . This organization is a recognized leader in the field and their assistance with the work so far has been invaluable. The AMS Imaging Production Control System (PCS) individually tracks each box of documents as they move through the production process. All boxes of incoming documents or media are logged and a unique bar code is assigned and a label is printed to track each box as it moves through the imaging process. The PCS System compares data generated at each production step for continuity and completeness.

In order to make the task easier to manage The Foundation decided to break the 500 boxes of records held at CVHM into several parcels of work, or projects. Each project will address records for a specific time period,

Funding of our activities will be provided through memberships, estate bequests and other donations. All monies received will be fully tax-deductible as the Foundation is a public charity under section 501(c)(3).

The Smith & Wesson Historical Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3)